Saturday, October 08, 2005

Baby Update

I haven't written much about baby lately! Baby is doing well. We had a scare about 20 weeks or so where my OB thought there was a hole in the baby's heart on the ultrasound. So we decided rather than wait and see we would go to a specialist to find out for sure and know what our options were. We went to the specialist, and wouldn't you know it, but baby was uncooperative! :) Must take after daddy..... haha They got a good picture of the heart and said there is a spot on it, but it is normal as that is where the tendons attatch. He also said I have a 1.3 percent chance of having a baby with Down's Syndrome so we opted not to have the amnio. The brain was developed normally and the baby was really active. Playing with it's toes is the favorite thing to do these days.
Baby does not like to have anything pushing on my tummy. Not even my jeans or my own leg or arm. Baby will kick at it and push on it to make it go away. Kicked me so hard the other day that I jumped in my chair at work and my co-worker wanted to know what was wrong with me!
We went to the Talladega, AL Nascar race last weekend and had a great time. The baby's first Nextel race. We went to a truck race earlier in the year. The noise really got the little one moving! We made it home safely and I did not have any trouble traveling. I am now officially grounded though until baby gets here.
Thanks, Karla for asking about me and for wondering about baby!
I have some new projects I need to post, I just got the pictures on my digital camera this week.
I am off to yard sale with my dad! We are having one to sell some of grandma's things as she is in assisted living and we need to minimize some of her things.


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