Saturday, May 28, 2005

Good News!

Well, we have good news to share! We found out May 16th that we are expecting! Little Bean is due some time in January. We go Tuesday to find out more details. I had two sets of blood tests last week and an ultrasound this week and all looks good. We are about 5 weeks.
The really good news is I feel great. I have not been sick, the only real symptoms I have are I am tired a lot. Some nausea/heartburn, but no real morning sickness.
Thank God for his blessings each day because he truely does know the desires of the heart and once we give our hopes and dreams to the Lord, only He can make them come true.

Rainbow Starghan

Here is my rainbow starghan. I absolutely love it! I got the idea from Becky at Hazelnutt Latte. See her button on the side link.
I started with Beth's Little Star pattern Star Afghan Pattern , but then I used the different start for the first 2 rows.

I did 5 rows of the beginning color, 1 row white, 3 rows color, 1 row white and so on until I used all the colors I wanted to use! I used 7 colors. It's all done in double crochet and works up really fast. Mine measures 45 1/2" from point to point and I do crochet loose.

Secret Pal Gift

Here is the wonderful gift that my totally awesome secret pal sent me.
Thank you Secret Pal! My favorite thing is the little push pin! He is soso cute!

Sweater Poncho

Here is the sweater Poncho that I made for myself! I really like it it's the same pattern as the others from Emerald Moon Creations. I love the pattern. I still need to make some different flower pins for it so I can switch them out. I made this one out of some Simply Soft Yarn that I found at WM on clearance. This poncho cost me about 3 dollars. Not bad! :)

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Who am I?

Queen Amidala of course! haha
Dear Blog, I have been neglecting you. So sorry! I will give you more pictures soon!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Monday Monday

Well, it's definately a Monday! I am exhausted!
I have been busy crocheting! I finished my sweater poncho. I still need to make myself a flower for it. I think I will make a couple of different colors so I can switch them out. The poncho is hunter green. I have also started another baby blanket. This is Beth's little star afghan in rainbow colors. I love it and can't wait to post the pictures of it so everyone can see! Hopefully this week.........